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Dynamic CPM Consulting professionals have years of experience in commercial, government, oil and gas, nuclear and many other fields. Our consultants have experience and expertise in international forensics, claims and dispute resolution, Training, schedule creation, maintenance, contractor management, claims avoidance and Time Impact Analysis, preparation, owner's representation and Schedule Validation. With a special emphasis on delay, disruption and independent third party evaluation. Dynamic CPM Consulting have represented several owners, developers, architect firms and government entities to name a few.



With years of experience in commercial, government, oil, gas, nuclear and many other fields, Dynamic CPM Consulting tailors your schedule to fit with your business goals.

Dynamic CPM Consulting offers its expertise in creating a schedule for project at any stage. 

With its competency and knowledge of major Australian industries, Dynamic CPM Consulting has developed a hands on approach to scheduling. 
This method allows for Dynamic CPM Consulting to have a consistant up-to-date schedule that is being continually revised and improved. As business is ever changing, so should your project schedule.

Payment can be met in two ways: on a retainer for the life of the project or by an hourly rate. 

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Owners Representation

Owners Representation

Dynamic CPM Consulting have represented several owners, developers, architect firms and government entities.

Dynamic CPM Consulting Owners Representation will provide the following:

  • Schedule Creation
  • Maintenance
  • Contractor Management
  • Implement claims avoidance strategies
  • Provide a time impact analysis
  • Preparation

Knowing that your project is in trustworthy hands is crucial. 

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Claims Consulting

Claims Consulting

Dynamic CPM Consulting has extensive experience and knowledge in claims consulting.

Dynamic CPM Consultants understand the commercial, government, oil, gas, nuclear and many other industries. This knowledge provides an awareness of what is exactly at stake if an unfortunate event occurs. 

Dynamic CPM Consulting's ability to be provide expert witnesses and information on claims makes it a perfect consultant to have on hand. 

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Forensic Scheduling

Forensic Scheduling

As Forensic Scheduling is considered both a science and an art it is then intrinsic to obtain the best possible professionals. Dynamic CPM Consultants have the experience and the expertise to provide your business with professional support.

Dynamic CPM Consulting provides a detailed forensic report on a retrospective comparison between the original schedule and what actually happened. 

Its focus on determining which actual events occured at the begining of deviation from the plan, and provides your business and schedule this important information. Such information can be used to update the schedule in order to return the project on time.

Information that can be identified through Forensic Scheduling:

  • Late completion
  • Early completion
  • Specific delays
  • Early arrivals
  • Storing problems


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Experienced and qualified professionals at Dynamic CPM Consulting provide tailored training and advice to your business. 

Dynamic CPM Consulting provides the following training:

  • Project management training theory
  • Primavera project manager (training on software)
  • Scheduling
  • Embeding processes and procedures
  • Project controls training;
  • Provide interface training between international contractors and Australian conditions.
  • Mentoring
  • Single day seminars of a variety of subjects

Dynamic CPM Consulting is not limited to the above training and can ceate and tailor its teaching to your specific needs.

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